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Upcoming events:

Humpday at EBA:
featuring Michael Caffery's collaborative Dronescape
and the launch of
EBA|Quartair Exchange catalogue
and much more!

Wednesday, March 26th, 7-10pm
951 Gladstone Avenue, 1st floor

Come join EBA's artists as we celebrate Guerilla magazine's 10th Anniversary with a hump night THANK YOU party and a launch of our catalogue from the combined Dutch Settlement and Interference Exhibits done in collaboration with Quartair artists from Holland.

Join us for a drink, check out our new catalogue, dance to the music of Michael Caffery's Collaboration Dronescape, and celebrate! It promises to be a mid-week refresher and a fun filled celebration in appreciation for Guerilla's support.

Michael Caffery describes the Dronescape Collaboration in this way: " I like the meditative feel of this music. the idea of having a series of sound stations open for the public to jam with me adds an inviting element of interactivity. it also approaches the yoga class group "OM" (but in this case "ohm") overall, I will be setting the basic form of the drone jam and various people will be drawn to one of the instruments around and find their sonic place in the jam throughout the evening."

The studio-collectives of Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives in The Hague and the Enriched Bread Artists in Ottawa are an ocean apart but have histories with uncanny similarities. Both studios make their home in decommissioned bread factories rich in character and history. In the summer of 2013, a project led by an Ottawa Dutch-Canadian curator, was realized when the two collectives held exhibitions in each others' gallery spaces. This catalogue documents the two exhibitions and the journey that led to the exchange.
Catalogues available for sale at the event while supplies last.
Humpday price $20 or Online at Lulu.

Free Admission. Cash Bar
For more details on all of this special event visit


Winterlude 2014: January 31 to February 17, 2014

Icing-d-icing will explore virtual ice cubes, evoking memories of previous Ottawa Winterludes. The exhibition de-ices the 2,500 year old burial of the Ice Maiden.

Visitors are invited to stand under the cloud of hail; contemplate on the disappearance of icebergs and experience the magic of icicles.

Discover the work about the memory of water and how icing-d-icing affects that memory.

February 1   1pm-5pm Opening
February 2   11am - 5pm
February 8   11am - 5pm
February 9   11am - 5pm
February 15  11am - 5pm
February 16  11am - 5pm
Artists: Marika Jemma, Gayle Kells, Juliana McDonald, Svetlana Swinimer, Bozica Radjenovic, Mana Rouholamini, Joyce Westrop, and Jenny McMaster

Glacer-dé -glacer
Bal de Neige 2014: 31 janvier au 17 février 2014

Glacer-dé -glacer explorera des cubes de glace virtuels qui évoqueront les souvenirs des Bals de neige précédents.
Cette exposition dé -glace les 2500 années d'une tombe ancienne de la Demoiselle des glaces.

Le public est invité se tenir sous une averse de grêlons ; méditer sur la disparition des icebergs et faire l'expérience de la magique des glaçons.

Découvrez le travail représentant l'empreinte de l'eau et comment glacer-dé -glacer marque cette mémoire.

1 février  1300 - 1700 Vernissage
2 février  1100 - 1700
8 février  1100 - 1700
9 février  1100 - 1700
15 février  1100 - 1700
16 février  1100 - 1700

Artistes: Marika Jemma, Gayle Kells, Juliana McDonald, Svetlana Swinimer, Bozica Radjenovic, Mana Rouholamini, Joyce Westrop, et Jenny McMaster

For more information, photographs or interviews, please contact Svetlana Swinimer by phone: (613) 729-7632 (EBA answering machine) or email: info[at]enrichedbreadartists.com

Pour en savoir plus, obtenir des photographies ou organiser des entrevues avec les artistes, communiquez avec Svetlana Swinimer:
(613) 729-7632 (répondeur de l’EBA) ou par courriel: info[at]enrichedbreadartists.com

Gallery 101 fundraiser at EBA
Saturday, December 7th, 2013
7pm to midnight

LIMITED EDITIONS: a sale of Art Multiples and a dance party at the Enriched Bread Artists’ studio on Saturday, December 7th, 2013. LIMITED EDITIONS opens at 7pm, sales until 11pm and we dance from 9pm to midnight.
Over 400 guests enjoy Gallery 101's annual night of arts and culture, which showcases the talent of Ottawa’s arts community and also supports G101, a local, non-profit artist-run centre. Proceeds from the auction help Gallery 101 maintain its services to artists and the community. This event is supported and made possible by our local artists, sponsors, volunteers, and friends. Fore more information please visit Gallery 101's website.

Open Studio 21

open studio 21

open studio 21 back

Photo: Jamie Kronick. Design: Tavi Weisz

Opening Night: Thursday, October 24th 2013, from 6 to 9 PM.
Fridays, October 25 and November 1, 6-9 PM.
Saturdays, October 26 and November 2, 11-5 PM.
Sundays, October 27 and November 3, 11-5 PM.

Special Events:

Innovators and Creative Projects in the City

Friday October 25th, 7:30 - 8:30pm.
Join us for a discussion with new organizations and foundations that are promoting a more creative and inspired Ottawa. Guests include representatives from Awesome Foundation Ottawa and CreativeMornings Ottawa.

Interference in The Hague
Friday November 1st, 7:30 - 9pm.
EBA artists talk about their recent experiences at Quartair in The Hague.

Tackling Residencies
Saturday November 2nd, 2 - 4pm.
EBA artists Cindy Stelmackowich, Jenny McMaster & Daniel Sharp discuss their recent residencies in Canada and abroad.

Artists participating in the 21st Annual EBA Open Studio are:
Sarah Anderson, Heidi Conrod, Kenneth Emig, Meaghan Haughian, Rachel Kalpana James, Karen Jordon, Gayle Kells, Juliana McDonald, Jenny McMaster, Jeannie Polisuk, Bozica Radjenovic, Colette Gréco-Riddle, Mana Rouholamini, Daniel Sharp, Frank Shebageget, Cindy Stelmackowich, Svetlana Swinimer, Tavi Weisz, Joyce Westrop and Yvonne Wiegers.

EBA21 Vingt-et-unième Visite annuelle d’ateliers

Vernissage : Jeudi 24 octobre 2013 de 18 à 21 h 00
L’exposition se poursuivra :
Les vendredis 25 octobre et 1er novembre 2013, de 18 à 21 h 00
Les samedis 26 octobre et 2 novembre 2013, de 11 à 17 h 00
Les dimanches 27 octobre et 3 novembre 2013, de 11 à 17 h 00

Evénements spéciaux

Les innovateurs et les projets créatifs dans la ville
Vendredi 25 octobre 2013 –19 h 30 à 21 h 00 
Rejoignez-nous pour une discussion avec les nouvelles organisations et fondations qui font la promotion d'Ottawa une ville plus créatif et inspiré. Parmi les invités, des représentants de Awesome Foundation Ottawa et CreativeMornings Ottawa.

Interférence à la Haye
Vendredi 1er novembre 2013 –19 h 30 à 21 h 00

Des artistes d’EBA parleront de leur récente expérience chez leur homologue, Quartair, à La Haye (Pays-Bas)

Aborder le sujet des artistes en résidence
Samedi 2 novembre 2013 –14 h 00 à 16 h 00

Les artistes d’EBA : Cindy Stelmackowich, Jenny McMaster et Daniel Sharp parleront de leur expérience personnelle qu’ils ont vécue en résidence au Canada et à l’étranger

Les présentations se feront en anglais.



The Enriched Bread Artists is a non-profit, artist-run space dedicated to the production and development of the visual arts by offering affordable studio space to professional artists.

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