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EBA/Quartair Exchange Project / Projet d'échange entre EBA et Quartair



Interference in The Hague
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Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives presents:
Enriched Bread Artists of Ottawa: Interference
August 24 – September 1, 2013

The exhibition, Interference, is part of an exchange project between the Enriched Bread Artists of Ottawa (EBA) and Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives.  Quartair’s exhibition, Dutch Settlement, took place at the EBA in Ottawa, May 31 – June 10, 2013.

Fifteen EBA artists highlight different aspects of interference in their works, from the interruption of electronic signals to the obstacles life and politics throw in the way of personal plans and aspirations. Primarily, however, the concept of interference is re-enacted in this exhibition, through the creation of a chain of events that begins with a spatial intrusion into the Quartair gallery that will greatly impede the installation of the art.

A few days before the artists arrive with their works, curator Petra Halkes and her partner René Price will drape almost 100 meter of white, polyester-fibred paper, 122 cm wide, throughout the gallery.  Although the artists know about this plan, and some have used the paper for the creation of their works, they are not consulted about the placement of the material. When they arrive on August 21, the paper installation will be ready.   At that point, the curator will leave the premises and let the artists decide amongst themselves how to install their works and what to do with the paper.

This process reflects the frictional nature of colonisation, of unsettling and settling, which is the mainstay of Canadian culture and history.  But it also aims to show that interference can have a positive outcome: friction can be turned around to create cooperative connections between people and result in innovative problem solving.

In 1992, recent art graduates from Ottawa University set up shop at the Standard Bread Factory, and formed the Enriched Bread Artists Studio collective. Serendipitously, in that same year, a number of young graduates from the Koninklijke Academie in Den Haag found the abandoned Haagsche Broodfabriek op de Toussaintkade and moved in.
When artist/curator Petra Halkes, who grew up in The Hague, visited  Quartair in 2009  with her partner René Price, she met artist Jessy Rahman and learned about the studio-building’s history.  She began thinking about an exchange of ideas, experiences and exhibitions between the two groups of like-minded artists. This summer, the EBAQ exchange project brings the two groups together. Fourteen out of the fifteen participating EBA artists will be present at the opening, and will be available for interviews.

You can find more information about the project and the works here. You can find photos of the exhibtion in The Hague here.