Enriched Bread Artists

Member's bio: Kristina Corre

Kristina Corre is a Filipina Canadian artist whose meditative collage works explore cultural and personal identity. Formally trained in architecture, Kristina’s education at the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism at Carleton University instilled in her a meticulousness of craft, a love of materiality, and the importance of narrative in image-making. These three paramount lessons, combined with her explorations into the social, aesthetic, and artistic unpacking of what it means to take up space, are what currently drive her practice of hand cut, minimalist found image and object collage. In 2018 Kristina was awarded a City of Ottawa emerging artist project creation grant, which she intends to carry on in her new EBA studio. The grant has allowed Kristina to expand her collage practice to large, installation-scale pieces while connecting with, and centering stories and images of Ottawa-based Filipinx community organizers and knowledge keepers. Beyond providing a mirror to reflect marginalized and under-represented identities, Kristina’s mission is now to create portals to connect BIPOC communities in solidarity with both struggles and also moments of empowerment in motherlands and throughout the diaspora.



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