Enriched Bread Artists

Member's bio: Sharon VanStarkenburg

Sharon VanStarkenburg was born in Pembroke, ON in 1974. She earned her BFA from the University of Ottawa in 1997, studied at NYU at the graduate level in Fine Arts in 2007 and is a MFA graduate from the University of Ottawa (2018). She has been featured in a number of both online magazines and print, including Preston Catalogue, Fresh Paint Magazine (UK and US), Antidote Magazine and Art Reveal Magazine. She is the recipient of multiple grants from both the City of Ottawa and Ontario Arts Council, and other prestigious arts awards including the University of Ottawa Graduate Research Travel Grant, the René Payant Award and the Charles Gagnon Fine Arts Award. VanStarkenburg has exhibited internationally and is included in numerous collections.

VanStarkenburg’s work is aligned with her feminist values, addressing transformation, distortion, otherness and tropes of white Western girlhood and womanhood. She problematizes normative femininity, body policing, and the acculturation into desiring and being desirable. Her work is anchored in narrative and employs pictorial allegory to communicate embodied realities such as the performance of body and gender, grief, fear, joy and jouissance. With a feminist perspective informed by contemporary theories of identity, embodiment and subjectivity, she incorporates the personal and the political; the emotional and the intellectual; the individual and the collective; through first-person narratives of the particular.


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