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Member's bio: Kenneth Emig

I provide a unique blend of over 20 years in High Tech R&D and, at the same time, 20 years as a professional artist and dancer. I have designed the acoustics of telephones, optimized manufacturing lines in Asia, done public art commissions, performed solo at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, and been artist-in-residence at the National Research Council.

My R&D experience is largely acoustic based, but acoustics is inherently a multi-disciplinary science. When doing product design and manufacturing, I have worked with mechanical, electrical and software engineers, physicists, psychologists, supply chain, industrial and user interface designers to name a few.

As an artist, I am interested in materials and our senses and their interplay. I often use the body, space, motion, light, technology, and sound in my artwork. I have exhibited artwork in the 4th Moscow Biennale (2011) and at Quartair in Den Haag, Netherlands (2013), lectured, designed and built sets for dance companies and received support from the Canada Council for the Arts in two different disciplines.

My high tech experience greatly influences my artwork. My work as an artist greatly influences how I approach high tech product design and manufacturing. This distinctive fusion of disciplines breeds innovation and unique solutions wherever they are required.

website: www.emigresearch.com

email: info(at)emigresearch.com

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