Enriched Bread Artists

Member's bio: Jean Halstead

My life as sculptor began in Japan, where I learned to work with clay. In France I worked with stone on a monumental scale, and welded steel and iron and sculpted cement. While in Germany, I specialized in `lost wax` bronzes. In Canada, I discovered the merits and durability of polyester resin for massive sculptures as well as for smaller works, and enjoyed collaboarating for 12 years with Svetlana Swinimer on art for public places and on mixed media installations.

I have exhibited my sculptures in Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Oberursel, Bruxelles, Toronto and Ottawa, and have exhibited collaboratively with Svetlana Swinimer in Toronto, Shawinigan and Ottawa.

In my current work, I integrate different media (sculptural constructions, photos, video projections, sounds, words, colours) to explore the many (neurological) aspects of perception.

email: jeanhals(at)magma.ca

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