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Member's bio: Marika Jemma

Born 1963 in West Toronto, enduring a non-descript Catholic childhood and surviving the banality of a whitewashed suburban existence in the pursuit of modest personal debt, Marika left home at 17 to experience the joys of minimum wage, public transportation and a series of rooming houses in various dissociated communities in southern Ontario.

An independent learner, Marika has explored the public libraries of most of the major cities in Canada and on a rainy day in 1982, a greyhound bus deposited her in the city of Vancouver. Due to the works of Jane Rule and Jack Hodgkins, Marika moved to Vancouver Island where she spent the next 11 years pursuing a series of odd-jobs, training as a carpenter and finally graduating from art school in 1991.

Her first vehicle was a 1969 GMC step-side, short box pick up, painted matte black with a cracked windshield. Her first girlfriend drove a motorcycle. Her first solo show was called “Journey To The Temple” at Xchanges Gallery, Victoria, B.C. 1991.

In 1993, Marika drove back across the country in a 1973 Toyota Corolla, dropped the muffler on a raised railway bed in southern Saskatchewan and ran out of gas in Ottawa and has been here ever since.

Marika joined the Enriched Bread Artists in 1998.

email: marikajemma(at)gmail.com


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