Enriched Bread Artists

Member's bio: Tavi Weisz

Artist Statement:
My paintings are the result of a process of translation, visually filtering an image through my own memories into paint. The paintings are an attempt to project the viewer into an imaginary space and allow them to visually penetrate that space.
Through my art works a type of new pattern is occurring. Images are taken out from their real context, transformed and given a completely new meaning in a new composition. New ephemeral spaces are created. Spaces that are personal and collective experience and intend to disrupt the usual expectations of painting. My works aim to bring together diverse, often contradictory concepts, elements and to assemble them into powerful and at times unsettling images.
I am altering, manipulating coherent images and creating representations that do not conform with the viewer’s expectations or with cultural conventions. I do not intend to create works that have a certain style. I let myself constantly surprised by things around me. I use images that have significance in the context I take them from and I am emptying these images of any significance. I am assembling together images that do not have any relations to each other, creating completely new spaces, compositions.
Different motifs complete the compositions, creating new images that seem to emerge from dreams. The weaving together of personal histories with collective memories makes for a psychologically disturbing encounter on the part of the viewer, who may experience a sense of unease as they survey the paintings.

After completing his formal studies in Cluj, Romania and Budapest, Hungary, Tavi established his own studio in Ottawa, the Canadian capital, a vibrant multi-cultural center that offers a wide variety of artistic perspectives.




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